Dr. Elizabeth Flinn - Lead Veterinarian


Dr. Elizabeth Flinn is originally from a small town in East Tennessee called Kingsport.

She graduated from the University of Tennessee Veterinary School in 2005. After her marriage, she moved to California for 5 years. She moved back to Nashville in 2010 to start her family.

Dr. Flinn has three young children and a 16-year-old dog named Teddy. She sadly lost her other dog several months ago, named Lou.

Dr. Flinn's special interests include Surgery and Dermatology (aka things she can see!).

Her favorite things to do outside the clinic are camping, hiking, white-water kayaking, traveling, and spending time with family/friends. Also, she is a HUGE UT Vol fan! Fun Fact: Dr. Flinn has visited 26 National Parks. Her goal is to visit all of them eventually.